A process server pointing his finger on you. People avoiding a process server.

A process server is someone who carries out the legal process of serving documents. This can be a formal legal document, such as a summons or subpoena, which requires that it be personally handed to the recipient.

These are working professionals authorized and certified by the Texas JBCC to deliver legal documentation and notices. They have no opinion or interest in the cases involving these documents. That is why asking a process server for legal advice is pointless. Regardless of a process server’s background, experience, or education, they are not legally allowed to offer advice on a case.

The sole responsibility of a process server is to take a document from point A to point B and then provide verification that everything has been conducted legally. So when you try to avoid a process server, you are not stopping action from occurring. If anything, you are only delaying the steps that will happen next.

What Happens if You Avoid a Process Server?

When a law firm, government body, or court hires a process server, they initiate legal contact with you. If you try to avoid that contact, it does not stop whatever lawsuit or legal action from happening. There will not be a hearing that is canceled. Or, if it is, it will only be slightly postponed to a near-future date.

This means that trying to avoid a process server will end with you and your legal counsel having less time to prepare for a hearing. That can be detrimental to your case if you need that time to collect evidence in your favor and support your argument about why these legal actions do not hold water.

A far worse situation is that your active attempts to avoid a process server could be taken personally by the judge. This is a dedicated working professional committed to upholding the law. If you demonstrate a disregard for the processes of the law, like not accepting legal documents, they may be less inclined to hear your side reasonably because these actions can be interpreted as disrespectful. It may seem small, but you want as much advantage as possible in a court case.



What if I Successfully Avoid a Process Server?

A professional process server is often trained to make multiple attempts at your home, place of business, or any other public location they are allowed to make delivery. If you successfully avoid them after one, two, or more attempts, expect the process server to prepare an affidavit of non-service.

This is a legal notice that, when approved by a court, authorizes what is known as substitute service – also called a 106. You do not want this to happen because it takes control completely out of your hands. A 106 means a judge has deemed your case worthy of simply leaving the legal documents with anyone in your household over 16 years of age or taping the documents to your door.

In that case, a process server will take a photo and instantly update your case so that a court can move forward with your legal situation. In other words, by avoiding a process server, you just waste your time! The documents you hope will disappear will eventually show up at your home, and now you will have to deal with possible negative impacts on your reputation and legal case.


Is there a Better Option?

Yes! When a professional team of process servers like those at Houston Process Servers attempts delivery of documentation, you should accept it. All they are is a legal delivery service trying to do a well-documented job.

Instead of trying to avoid a process server, call your legal counsel and immediately send them copies of the documents you receive. This way, you have as much time as possible to prepare for what is coming next, and a judge will view you as a rational human willing to go to bat for your side of the story.

Courts appreciate those willing to stand up for their rights and take responsibility for their actions. This places you on equal footing with whoever sent you the documents so you can move forward with legal proof and arguments about your case. Anyone who has had a bad situation with the law knows this is much more preferable.

If you want to learn more about process of serving around the greater Houston, Texas area, fill out our contact form. Houston Process Servers works with law enforcement, courts, government agencies, law firms, and private attorneys to execute services as smoothly and reliably as possible. That is why we have so many return and referral clients. Reach out today and schedule your next delivery with our professional team.

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