Process server wearing like pizza delivery guy.

We have all seen the movies where a pizza delivery guy opens the box only to have divorce papers waiting for the unsuspecting recipient inside an apartment. Or the person who was supposed to be cleaning a hotel room ends up serving a subpoena to a crime boss hiding out at a resort. While these make excellent plot points that ignite our imaginations, they tend to not be the reality for professional process servers in Houston.

Whenever you think about the difficult work of a process server in Houston, TX, keep in mind they are performing a job role that is a piece of a more significant legal puzzle. That means in order for a business to legally go through with a new project or divorce papers to be finalized, a process server must complete their work with full documentation and verification for it to stand up to legal scrutiny. These are judges, lawyers, agents, and oversights committees that have to sign their seal of approval on all these documents, and if they are not served correctly, they will not hold up.


What About Disguises?

The reason finding a quality process server in Houston can be challenging is because you want to work with highly capable professionals, not amateurs with twenty different disguises in the trunk of their beat-up car. A well-trained and experienced process server has spent years building a network of contacts and successfully navigating the legal world. They understand that many alternatives and legal avenues exist if someone does not want to be found.

While it is true that process servers in Houston can conceal their identities if they wish, it is such a rare occurrence. It is also a legally gray area. Different municipalities and states have varying laws that restrict who a process server can disguise themselves as. For example, in Arizona, you cannot disguise yourself as a police officer or government employee, including the U.S. Postal Service.

The vast majority of the time, a process server in Houston, TX, who understands the fundamental role of their work will dress professionally like a court clerk or business assistant. As most of the legal documents being served or sent to individuals are in professional settings, this type of outfit is all the disguise a process server really needs.

For those other rare 5% of the time instances, sure, a process server may use a disguise as a floral delivery person, but that usually is not necessary. Houston has excellent bylaws that allow process servers to pursue other pathways. As long as a process server can show all legal attempts were made to serve the paperwork, they can utilize a secondary contact or even mail the documents to the legal address of the recipient, which will hold up in court.


Where to Find Professional Process Servers in Houston

The best way to ensure your documents are delivered to the correct person is to hire our team at Houston Process Servers. We have spent years working closely with businesses, law enforcement, government agencies, law firms, and the court system to ensure all their needs are met in a timely manner. We have an incredibly high success rate an excellent reputation for professionalism on every one of our jobs.

When you work with our team of expert process servers of Houston, you also get the documentation and verification needed to prove all attempts and communication were conducted in a duly manner. That means you can go to court confident that your case will move forward because of our stringent dedication to following the outline of the law.

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We look forward to helping you with your process servers of Houston, TX needs.

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