Process server wearing like waiter serving defendant

Process service is a critical function of our legal system in the United States. Texas is a shining example of how a process server in Houston and other areas must perform their duties, so the integrity of the profession and the gears of our legal system continue to move forward.


As part of these activities, those served with legal documents like a subpoena, debt collection, or summons can often feel overwhelmed or confused. This is nothing to be embarrassed by, as the majority of citizens will most likely never encounter a process server beyond a film or TV show.


However, some points should be cleared up in case you encounter a process server and are left a little in the dark about how the interaction went. So let’s answer some of the more common questions here:


Do process servers wear disguises?


It is always fun to watch a TV show with a process server pretending to be a pizza delivery person or a waiter who shows up at a fancy restaurant and then dramatically slaps paperwork in front of a bad guy. The truth, like most situations, is far different.


Process servers wear disguises extremely rarely, and the people being served are not bad or good. The vast majority of the time, a process server will be dressed professionally and calmly present paperwork without judgment.


Process server wearing like waiter
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Do process servers REALLY wear disguises?


There is no need for deception for 99.9% of process server jobs. Most people understand they are being served for something happening in their personal or business lives. A process server is just the delivery driver.


In those rare 0.01% moments when someone is trying to evade a process server, then yes, a disguise may be used. This could be a food service person or a sales expert that doesn’t seem threatening in any way and hands over legal documents instead of snacks. These rare instances are why our Houston Process Servers team has a couple of younger-looking members who pose as teenagers doing a side gig.


Do process servers trick you?


No, process servers never intend to trick you unless it is absolutely necessary. Ethical guidelines and rules must be followed, and a professional process server will do everything possible to perform their duties accordingly.


However, if a target is being exceptionally difficult and playing games – we will act within those rules to ensure successful delivery, even if that includes mild deception.


Can a process server carry a gun in Texas?


No, a process server cannot carry a gun. While this is not intended to infringe upon anyone’s constitutional rights, it harms the industry if an altercation occurs and anyone is injured. Even under the best circumstances, the presence of a firearm during the process of serving escalates the anxiety of the target, and that is the last thing anyone wants.


A process server is highly trained to use their brains and words first. If serving is impossible, there are legal remedies that do not require any violence of any kind.


Process server come on private property in Texas
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Can process servers trespass in Texas?


Absolutely not! A process server is allowed to approach you anywhere in public, at your place of business, or at your front door. Other circumstances are permitted, but in general, if you are in your enclosed backyard enjoying a sip of tea next to the pool, a process server cannot approach you.


Can a process server enter a gated community in Texas?


This is an excellent example of one of those “other situations” mentioned above. A gated community is not under the sole ownership of the individual being served. 


In fact, a process server knows to approach the gate and speak with the guard. Odds are the guard will follow along to ensure nothing bad happens, which is beneficial to the process server and you because there is another party present.


In this situation, the process server will approach your front door, knock, present you with paperwork, and leave. That’s it.


Can a process server come on private property in Texas?


Yes and no. In our example of the backyard pool, we used the word “enclosed,” meaning you have a gate that is shut. In that instance, the process server cannot come onto your property.


However, if your gate is open to the public, then yes, but the process server can never penetrate in-house or apartment units without special permission.  



Where to Find Professional Process Servers?


All of these questions can be confusing because there is such a dramatized stigma of process servers from the news media and TV shows. The reality is that a professional team like ours at Houston Process Servers will always act accordingly. This ensures we receive a steady flow of routine, repeat, and referral clients.


We work primarily with businesses, legal teams, government agencies, courts, and police officers. That means we must act close to the legal definition to ensure their cases are never compromised. To learn more about our detailed and high success rate service, please use our request form to schedule service.


We look forward to helping serve your legal documents around the greater Houston, Texas area.