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Services – Process serving is the act of providing notifications, summons and other important paperwork to those involved in a court matter. These legal documents are delivered or ‘served’ by process servers to an accused or a person in the Court case.

Following delivery of all legal documentation, servers must have clear evidence that the legal documents have been provided. The person or organization requesting the papers to be sent has to provide this documentation or proof of operation.

If papers are not properly delivered, the court would not be able to decide on a case involving an person because they have not been made aware of it legally. If service is found to be inadequate, then the whole case may be thrown out. Houston Process Servers, LLC is dedicated in handling   your documents in the most timely and effective way possible.


Thorough investigation and identification of an evasive or absent defendant.

Skip tracing is the method of locating an individual for any variety of reasons, such as serving a warrant, divorce papers, seizure proceedings, and any legal documentation required to proceed with the case. Through carrying out comprehensive inquiries to find an evasive defendant or missing person, our specialist personnel accomplish this task with quality and professionalism.

We provides the opportunity to find people around the USA. In particular, our qualified skip tracing services can be used to identify individuals or even businesses that have changed their location, are in hiding or evading being served.

We use the most extensive skip tracking databases not accessible to the general public and are able to identify and serve an evasive person in compliance with state law.


Serving paper to someone isn’t a task that is difficult to achieve, but it’s very technical. This is because it involves legal backing.

To serve papers in prison and serve papers in jail, you must understand the state’s law concerning your projects.

Serve papers are documents that are backed up by the law. Hence, a server has in-depth knowledge of the law of the state.


Realistic jail notary  services to guarantee the legal binding of your essential documents.

Houston Process Servers, LLC has provided clients with jail notary services and subpoena tools to meet their goals.

We offer the flexibility to meet the deadlines and assist in ensuring a smooth legal process. Our assured services ensure that you can focus on the essential aspects of your case, trial or legal transaction.

Serving documents in Harris County Jail services


Your legal documents are delivered and submitted promptly with updates and confirmations of their status. Houston Process Servers, LLC will ensure that your legal documents and status reports are processed and submitted promptly.

You can count on the  Houston Process Servers, LLC to quickly and securely apply your court documents whether you are a lawyer, a collector or just a legal agent. You can believe that, every time, we will deliver your paperwork. Our highly trained process service is trusted to securely produce and send legal documents by law firms and collection agencies around the world.