Service of Process. The United States has a legal procedure that demands proper notification of parties involved in a law case to ensure their awareness of the legal actions taken against them in the court of law. Process serving in Houston is a crucial part of the legal system which plays an important role in that area.

Courts in Houston have several documents through which they notify people of the legal actions taken against them or the court procedures that involve them. Some of the documents used by these courts include complaints, summons, subpoenas, motions, orders, writs, etc.

There are several services in Houston, and among them is “substituted service.”  This process of service is a legal document served on a family member above the age of fourteen residing in the same household with the party involved in the case or with management or colleague in their workplace. Some situations also demand that the document is posted in a prominent place and afterward a copy of the document be mailed to the person. This is a method that is accepted in some circumstances in Houston courts.

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