Process Server Came at Night.

Texans appreciate family time and being able to let their hair down off hours. That is why it can be quite a surprise when someone drives up, hops out of their car, and presents legal documents while you’re trying to relax.


While no one wants to receive a process server in the middle of a BBQ or when taking the dog out to do its business, this is a necessary function of our legal system that must be utilized to ensure things move smoothly.


That doesn’t mean you should have to deal with a 3 am knock on your door from an overzealous process server. There are rules that must be followed, and it helps to know them in case you interact with a process server.


Can a process server serve you at night or in the early morning?


YES, and YES. A process server needs to be able to reach people that work odd hours or have other obligations preventing them from being home during regular 9-5 banking hours. Police, firefighters, EMTs, doctors, and lawyers all deal with process servers regularly because of the nature of their work. Most of these individuals have night shifts in their industries that require getting in touch in the early hours or waiting until the graveyard shift has ended.



How late can process servers serve in Texas?


Technically, it is 24 hours a day. However, a process service company that cares about the quality of its work will do everything possible to act professionally. This usually means they will attempt delivery between 6 am to 10 pm on Monday through Saturday. The only day that is off-limits is Sunday.



How late can a process server come to your home?


Again, you’re looking at Monday through Saturday from 6 am-10 pm. Sundays are kept sacred for religious purposes and for spending time with family. Texans are hardworking people who deserve a day of rest, including dealing with anything in the legal world.


Process Server came at Early Morning
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The only exceptions to this rule involve injunctions, attachments, garnishments, sequestration, or distress proceedings. Most, if not all of those, will involve a more complex proceeding that legal counsel will inform you of ahead of time.


Can a process server serve you on the weekend?


Yes, you can be served in the afternoon and night of Friday, all day on Saturday, but not on Sundays. Sundays are reserved for religious reflection and family time and are not allowed to have any activity from a process server unless specified in the exceptions listed above.


This is also good for the industry as it gives everyone a breath of fresh air. The legal system is extremely busy, and workers need to take a moment to have a work-life balance.


Can you be served on Sunday in Texas?


NO, you cannot be legally served by a process server in Texas on a Sunday. This means you can attend church, go to your kid’s baseball game, enjoy a BBQ with friends, or catch up on some sleep without having to deal with any legal paperwork for the day.


What about Christmas? Do process servers work on Holidays in Texas?


Unfortunately YES, process servers will deliver legal documents on local, state, and national holidays. The rule is any holiday is legal, as long as it doesn’t fall on a Sunday.


If you are kicking back a glass of eggnog on Christmas that is also a Sunday, you cannot be served papers. You can be served if you are lighting off the 4th of July fireworks on a Tuesday night.


Where to Find Professional Process Servers


Texas is pretty clear about process server rules, laws, and regulations. That is why you must work with an experienced and professional team that understands and abides by such standards.


At Houston Process Servers, we follow all rules and guidelines in our practice to ensure the safe, documented, and secure delivery of your legal paperwork. Our role is simply courier, and we take great pride in being an essential function of the legal system. To schedule service with our expert team of process servers, please fill out the request form on our main page.