When you hire a trusted professional process server in Houston, TX, you want to ensure they follow the proper local and state guidelines to conduct their service correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of the designated entity not receiving the notification needed to conduct legal proceedings or being able to declare it not properly served because it wasn’t handled by the book. If they can say the information was never adequately delivered, they can avoid the business you are trying to conduct.

What is Process Serving to an Entity?

When you hire a process server in Houston, you are securing an authorized private organization, team, or sever to inform an entity of any proceedings against them that require their attendance or legal response. This can be anything from a lawsuit to a written notice of debt owed. In rare instances, it can also be a subpoena for members of an entity to appear in court.

The difference between an individual and legal entity is in their designation with the local Harris county office, state, or federal identification. An entity could be a business, organization, group, partnership, or others that have conducted business or operates as a group instead of a single person.

While such entities do experience some legal and financial protection by their incorporation (LLC, Partnership, Inc., etc.), they are not free from legal proceedings. That is why the manner by which they receive their notifications or legal documents is crucial to ensuring a clean trail of communication and custody by professional Harris county process servers. Everyone involved in the legal proceeding needs to know the who, what, where, how, why, and most importantly, when of a legal process serving.

What is Manner of Service to an Entity?

To serve papers or notifications to entities, you must use a constable, sheriff, a person over the age of 18 years formally authorized in writing by a court, or a person certified by the JBCC. If you hire a company without these authorizations, your documents are not considered delivered or served.

In some rare circumstances, process servers in Houston, Texas can send a citation via mail, but for the most part, an entity will be served through an individual person. Almost all business, corporate, and organizational entities have a designated person to receive such legal notifications. This can be the CEO of a company or the special representative as outlined by their articles of incorporation. 

That is why hiring a professional company like Houston Process Servers, LLC is important. They know how to identify these individuals by combing through the physical and digital paperwork to ensure your notification is being properly delivered with receipt verification.

Registered agents of a business or organization must maintain a current address where any process service will be received. The challenge is that there are companies whose sole purpose is to receive legal documents on behalf of another business or businesses. That means untrained individuals may inadvertently try to deliver notifications to a single agent without specifying the entity they are notifying. Again, this is why you want to work with professional process servers.

Where to Get Started

There are little-known laws and ordinances for different situations that most people do not need to know or want to know. That could include who to serve if the designated agent of the entity is out of town or tragically unavailable or even if service is allowed to a business clerk inside the entity.

The point is, with so many rules and regulations, hiring a professional like Houston Process Servers, LLC is the best way to ensure your documents are reaching the entity’s designated agent on time and with proper paperwork. Save yourself the headache of trying to learn the unique ins and outs of this communication and leave it to the experts so you can focus on more important things. Reach out to the expert team of experienced team members at Houston Process Servers today!

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