If you’re planning to dissolve your marriage, getting familiar with the legal requirements, terms, and definitions involved is necessary as you’ll likely hear some of them frequently as you embark on this journey. This piece covers all the legal processes and explains the paperwork needed for the completion of your divorce. It went further to give you a detailed explanation of the roles of process servers of Houston in ensuring that your marriage is successfully dissolved.

What Is A Dissolution Of Marriage?
The legal action taken to separate spouses from their legal union or marriage permanently is called dissolution of marriage or simply, divorce. Dissolution of marriage can come in two ways — no-fault divorce when both parties accept a peaceful divorce without assigning blames; or an at-fault divorce which results from unresolved marital issues such as abuse, infidelity, or abandonment. Uncontested divorce, mediated divorce, or collaborative divorces are other types of divorce.

What Does Dissolution Of Marriage Entail?
Dissolution of marriage may be initiated by one party involved in the marriage or both, but it legally begins when paperwork is duly served by a process server.  Dissolution of marriage or divorce petition is a compilation of documents and paperwork that provide details of the marriage, the reason behind the divorce and the condition to be met at the end of the divorce.

The documents that are initially compiled comprise of marriage licenses, birth certificates, financial statements and registrations. When a marriage has already produced children, temporary court orders and request giving details of the children or child as well as the support to be paid is included in the petition. Who lives in the primary residence is dictated by other court orders in some dissolution cases, and any financial payment or concerns are also considered in such cases.

The path to be taken and the way to process the divorce after the petition has been served by a process server is determined by the type and nature of the divorce.  Unless the parties involved reach an agreement, mediation or legal representation becomes necessary. And the process may take a difficult direction when children, debts, or assets are involved.

Why Do You Need To Get Divorce Papers Served?

To proceed with your law case in Houston, you need to let your partner know that you have started a divorce by having he or she served with a petition. That is necessary because the dissolution of a marriage petition is a document with a legal backup and it is also a start of a legal process. No family member of the person filing for a divorce is permitted to serve a petition, and that also includes the person filing for the divorce; as such, it is crucial to involve a professional process server of Houston to carry out your divorce paperwork efficiently.

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