Woman hiding from process serverWoman hiding from process server

It is a bit of an all too familiar scene. Someone is issued a ticket or knows of a legal situation about to unfold and decides the best course of action is to avoid any possible process servers. We see it all the time in movies and funny videos where people go through extreme measures to remain undetectable.


Like most entertaining stories, the reality is far less exciting. Our team at Houston Process Servers has been working in the greater Houston, TX area for years and rarely comes across individuals or businesses actively trying to avoid our contacting them. However, in those rare cases, we thought it a good idea to outline what generally happens next.



Is Avoiding a Process Server Illegal?


In most states, it is not illegal to avoid a process server. It is, however, incredibly unwise. Not only are you dragging out a legal proceeding, but you are also now showing your unwillingness to corporate. People do not often understand that if our expert team of process servers working around Harris County cannot do our jobs, we will pursue other legal avenues to ensure your case moves forward.


Texas is pretty good about offering secondary lines of contact to ensure all legal attempts are made. A good example is someone facing a large amount of debt. The longer you let the legal proceeding drag on, the more debt and fees accrue. When we finally do reach you or show proof of service through another legal avenue, you will be faced with a much more challenging circumstance.


In the end, it makes way more sense to hire legal representation and face the situation head-on.


What Could the Consequences Be if I Avoid Papers?


We have an exceptionally high success rate with our process server team. This is due in part to the other parts of our business, like being notaries and skip tracing experts. It is also because we have spent years developing a solid network of connections and learned how to best navigate the legal system. In the rare cases someone slips through, they will probably face:


Secondary Tactics

If our team has to establish that every effort was made and you were still unreachable. We will pursue other legal pathways that are recognized by the local Harris County courts. This could include serving legal documents to a close relative or showing up at your workplace, which can be embarrassing. There are also phone and technology-based methods that the courts now recognize.


Default Judgment

The last thing you want to have happen is the court to make a default judgment against you. We are good at our jobs and will show evidence to a court that every single attempt was made, documented, and sent to our clients. Unfortunately, that leaves little wiggle room and often ends with the courts making a default judgment against you.


This is not a good situation to find yourself. It can result in an official court summons, garnished wages, property seizures, and even a warrant for your arrest. When you avoid our process servers in Houston, TX, you are only escalating the legal issues that may be easier to handle than you think.


What Happens After I Am Served?


Our clients tend to be from large businesses, legal firms, law enforcement, government agencies, and the court system. Our professional process servers are not involved in anything other than the focused area of expertise we provide to our clients.


That being said, we know how the process works. Once your papers are successfully served, our team will immediately send a notification to our clients. This means the legal clock has started ticking. Even if you are 100% not liable, guilty, or responsible for whatever legal proceeding is unfolding, you have a set amount of time to respond to the documents before another legal issue is triggered.


While we cannot offer legal advice of any kind, it may be a good idea to seek legal counsel when you are served papers. A qualified lawyer can explain what is happening and what steps you should take next.



Hire an Expert Team Like Ours


The best course of action is to accept what is being offered and move on with your life. In most cases, the situation can be clearly explained during legal proceedings, and a resolution can be met, so everyone is satisfied.


If you are someone in need of professional process service in the greater Houston, Texas area, contact our experienced team at Houston Process Servers. We have spent years perfecting our craft and have one of the highest success rates you will ever find.


Start by filling out the quote form on our main website page. Once we receive your order will kick into action, often making our first attempt within the first 24 hours of your order being placed.


We are a dedicated team of experts who leverage every connection and legal pathway to ensure our reputation for excellence remains intact. We even offer process services to the Harris County Jail. So reach out today and let our process server team get your legal document to its intended destination as quickly as possible.

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