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Need to serve someone who is currently in prison?

Serving paper to someone isn’t a task that is difficult to achieve, but it’s very technical. This is because it involves legal backing. To serve papers in prison and serve papers in jail, you must understand the state’s law concerning your projects.

Serve papers are documents that are backed up by the law. Hence, a server has in-depth knowledge of the law of the state.

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You can contact the Houston process server; at Harris County process server, you will get the best and experienced servers in Harris County. The problem of serving someone in prison is understandable. Many who are filing for divorce, other legal matters, or filing for a change to an existing court order may not know where to start. First, you would need to know which facility the person is located in. He/she may be incarcerated in a county jail, a state prison, or federal prison.

Hence, to serve papers in jail or serve papers in prison to an already incarcerated person, you must know where the person’s location is and what type of facility the person is. Knowing this will help you fast-track your work.

Therefore, understanding where the person is will give you the right tools to serve papers. If the person is in county jail, you can call a county sheriff to find the address & phone number of the facility. However, suppose the person is in a Harris County prison. In that case, you can search online for the ‘ONLINE PUBLIC DISTRICT & COUNTY CRIMINAL RECORDS INQUIRY’ (Harris County Sheriff’s office) and use the person’s full name or social security number. Alternatively, if the person is in federal prison, you can search online for the federal Bureau of Prison’s Inmate Locator’.

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Serving documents in Harris County Jail services

Also, you will only be able to determine all these when you can differentiate the person’s facility. If it’s the county jail, you can serve papers with the Sheriff’s help as they will be able to provide you with all the necessary things that you need to serve the papers. Furthermore, if the person is in the state-county prison or federal prison, you can always get a lead from their online publications. With this, you can get information such as an address, phone number, and the person assigned to serve documents on prisoners. You can also find out the number of years the person will be serving in prison.

Haven determined the person’s location to be served and got all the needed information from the respective facilities; you can now file the documents in courts. Once it’s filed, you can now prepare the service papers. These serve papers will then be sent to a designated person at the facility by an official process server. After serving the papers, you will receive proof of service’ within a short period.

Proof of Service is an essential part of any Family Law matter. It must be filed with the court when a Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment, Paternity Action, or changes to existing orders for custody, visitation, and support of children have been filed. The ‘proof of service’ is a formal notification that a petition or request for an order has been filed.

In addition, once the person is served, he/she has 30 days to respond. Often, the person served does not respond, and a ‘default’ is entered. However, if a response is filed, then the action is contested. The respondent may respond because a release from prison is imminent and he/she wants to address the issues. However, sometimes the respondent responds even when he/she will be incarcerated for a very long period. A consultation with the Attorney will help clarify your best options in either case.

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    I am delighted you talk about this point. I have an Uncle in Harris County jail that had to deal with a death in the family. There was a ton of paperwork to get notarized and served because of a complicated inheritance issue, and companies like yours made that possible. No one else in the family had any idea how to get the documents to him without mailing them, and we were told that would not work. Glad you are out there providing this essential service!

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