Around our country, individuals support the legal and court systems by delivering notifications of proceedings ranging from divorce papers to debt collections. These hardworking individuals must meet specific standards and conduct their business in such a way that a clean line of communication with verifiable receipts can be traced. That is why courts like to use them. It makes it easier to see the exact time and place people have received notifications during a hearing.

These people are known as process servers. Harris county process servers need to be constables, police officers, 18+ court-designated individuals, or JBCC certified members who have shown they have the knowledge and capability to conduct their job role.

While that may make them capable, it doesn’t ensure they can get the job done. Most people on the receiving end of these notifications do not want to be available because it means they will have to spend time and money dealing with a legal issue. That is why working with a professional and experienced team like those at Houston Process Servers, LLC is so critical to your proceedings. You want a process server in Houston, TX to have a network of connections and a proven track record of reaching the individuals you need to be served.

What is Manner of Service to an Individual?

The problem is that amateur process servers may leave important documents with a family member or friend at the designated address, never realizing they have not properly delivered correctly. Professional process servers in Houston understand that the individual means just that – the legally designated individual on the paperwork, no one else.

There are pages of rules set by the State of Texas for how Harris country process servers must conduct their business. This includes the manner by which delivery of documents is conducted and what constitutes a legal notification. This can be everything from attempting delivery to what is meant by the “immediate presence” of an intended individual. Some of these rules include:

Rule 106:

This allows legal process servers in Houston, Texas to notify individuals who cannot be reached via anyone over the age of 16 at the legal address or in any other manner that shows it is “reasonably effective to give the defendant notice of the suit.” These extraordinary circumstances must be supported by a motion and statement showing that attempted delivery was ineffective under normal circumstances.

Rule 109:

Process servers in Houston can complete their duty via publication under this rule by first showing they have conducted the proper due diligence of contacting each address listed by the legal individual. If none are effective, a court can allow the process server publication privileges.

Rule 109(a): 

This is generally conducted by an officer where the court can allow publication of the notification to a close family member, relative, friend, or attorney and appoints an attorney ad litem to represent the defendant. In both 109 and 109(a), these are rare substituted services that require an intimate knowledge of procedure and law.


These rules outline the manner of delivery via certified mail, restricted delivery, and other detailed notification methods. There are literally pages of information related to following these rules that those without proper training may not know of or may inadvertently disobey simply from lack of experience.

Why Work with Houston Process Servers, LLC

The point is, as the courts update the proper legal procedures for process servers in Houston, it is crucial that you work with experienced professionals who have the skills and network to navigate these unique ordinances in order to successfully deliver your proceedings. The last thing you want to happen is to drop your suit because the process server you hired misdelivered the information to an Aunt or friend of a friend instead of the intended individual.

Houston Process Servers, LLC can help you with this challenge. They have a team of hardworking experts that understand how to ensure your documents are delivered correctly, on time, and with the accompanying paperwork that takes the pressure of this part of your legal journey. Reach out to their team today to schedule an appointment or get your questions answered. They have years of experience working in and around Harris County and understand how to find those individuals you need to serve.

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