How Long Does it Take for Papers to Be Served

One of the first questions we get asked as professional process servers in Houston, TX is about our timeline. Clients want to be sure their paperwork is filed with the court system or other legal entities within the strict time limits imposed by their individual situations.

We wish this could be an easy answer, but unfortunately, there are many factors that go into how long it takes for papers to be legally served. Even though we have an incredibly high success rate in our industry and make our first attempt within the first 24 hours, extenuating circumstances can always pop up.

Regardless of the situation, we will pursue every avenue possible. That is why our process servers are so valued around Harris County because we do not give up easily. We have the experience and professional network of contacts to ensure every attempt has been made before pursuing the next stage of your legal situation.


How Does Process Serving Work?

At its core, process serving in Houston, Texas is all about consistency, professionalism, and experience. Luckily our team has all three in abundance. Whenever someone from law enforcement, legal firms, businesses, or courts needs documents delivered to an individual or business, they hire a team like ours to ensure those documents reach their intended destination.

The benefit of using process servers is that it saves your organization time. Instead of having to do all the busy work of tracking down the correct person, making a documented history of the delivery, and confirming everything with the courts, we handle it ourselves. Our ability to succeed in this industry is why so many organizations rely on our expertise whenever they need a legal document or notice delivered.

The national average is around 5-7 days to serve papers, but we tend to succeed significantly quicker, often making our first attempt within the first 24 hours of your order.


What Slows Down the Process?

There are a number of factors that can lead to a challenging delivery. The vast majority of the time, the person or business receiving the legal documents is already aware of the situation, and it is just a matter of physically making the delivery.

In those rare cases where someone is trying to evade delivery, we utilize our experience working with local authorities and leverage our network of connections to ensure the successful completion of your order. We have a team inside our Houston Process Servers business dedicated to skip tracing. That means we have quite a bit of knowledge and experience working with individuals that do not want to be found.

Again, most cases are straightforward. Even when we cannot initially reach a target, it is because they were visiting family, under the weather, or some other personal reason that is quickly handled, so your timeline remains intact.



Do You Do Anything Different for Faster Delivery?

Yes! We at Houston Process Servers have worked in the local Texas area for years, developing a solid network of contacts and learning the ropes of how to navigate the legal arena. We provide different levels of service from routine to same day, depending on your needs. We can even make delivery within the Harris County Jail.

Part of our business includes Notary services which also speed up the process a bit, especially for those clients looking to conclude certain legal proceedings. We also offer bespoke night or evening hours, meeting precise times of the day, or delivery within the workplace. For us, it is all about ensuring a successful delivery with the appropriate confirmation as often as possible.


Where Can I Get Started?

Everything begins by using our quote form on our main website homepage. There you can provide all the information needed to serve your papers. We use technology and automation wherever possible in our business to speed the process up and will confirm every attempt, including the successful delivery of your legal documents.

Stop trying to use process servers that do not know the area or local laws. Stick with a team of professionals right here in Houston, TX dedicated to exceptional customer service and work quality. Contact Houston Process Servers today, and let’s get your timeline back on schedule.

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