Process Server Served hiding Persons in Houston, Texas

The process server career has many opportunities to grow and earn a solid living, but sometimes, it involves challenges. As part of your regular duties, you must locate individuals and business representatives that need to be serviced by legal documents of various natures. The whole point of your job is to ensure the safe, accurate and documented delivery of papers.

So, what happens if you can’t find a person to serve?   How do you overcome this challenge to ensure a successful delivery rate for your clients?


How Can I Serve Someone Who is Hiding?


Process servers are given a lot of leeway in their duties. If you cannot locate an individual or business representative based on their most recent documented address, you will need to do a bit of leg work.


You should start by consulting public records and the database resources of your team. Odds are there is an updated address from a recent public event or listing that can give you the insight needed. It also helps to track down the individual’s place of business and social media account. Maybe they go to the same restaurant every Thursday night to meet up with friends. This is where your creativity is an asset to locating a target.



How Long Can You Avoid Being Serviced Divorce Papers in Texas?


In general, you can expect about a 60-day window from being served to having to respond. However, like most documents being delivered through a process server, there are other ways to receive those legal papers.


Many times, a partner will ask what can I do if my spouse refuses to be served the divorce because they are hiding their location. In that case, a professional process server will utilize other legal methods like mail, digital service, or even public posting. There are a few hoops to jump through first, but just because you cannot reach your spouse doesn’t mean the divorce is suddenly dead in the water.


Is it a Crime to Avoid Being Served?


It is surprisingly not a crime to avoid being served. However, you can experience a penalty for avoiding service of process by the Judge in your case developing a poor opinion about your actions. Judges are just as human as everyone else, and you do not want to be on their wrong side when they are determining a legal action against your private or business life.


You’ll find many people searching for tips and tricks on how to avoid being served in Texas without considering the implications. When you evade a process server, all you are doing is delaying the inevitable. Instead of meeting the situation head-on with your legal counsel, you are elevating the problem. The last thing you want is a default judgment to be made against you and be saddled with more debt or a massive legal situation that won’t go away anytime soon.


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What Happens if Court Papers Cannot be Served in Texas?


What happens if you avoid being served court papers in Texas? Other process serving methods are introduced to ensure all avenues have been pursued to notify you of a situation. This often includes substituted services that can mean notice in the newspaper, through the mail, posting on your home door, visiting your workplace, and more.


The problem with these methods is that it lowers your chance of having the time to prepare for your day in court. You want as much time as possible to overcome any legal situations with your counsel instead of making the courts angry and getting rushed into a bad outcome.


Where to Get More Process Serving Help


When you have a client or target who is doing their best to avoid being served, call on the expert team at Houston Process Servers. We have an exceptional success rate and leverage all kinds of techniques to ensure your target is properly and legally notified of an upcoming case.


Our team works primarily with business entities, lawyers, courts, law enforcement, and government agencies. That means we have an intimate knowledge of the system around the greater Houston area and can navigate the necessary systems and networks to better serve your legal documents. Schedule your service with us today and receive accurate and timely documentation of your successful delivery.