Process server served defendants by phone.

A process server has a complex job that boils down to the simple action of whether or not they can reach you to make delivery of legal paperwork. Most professional process servers must follow guidelines and accepted practices to ensure the safe delivery of such items without tarnishing the job.

Unlike most TV shows and movies, process servers spend 99% of their career dressed professionally and using open communication that makes it easier to deliver outcomes. However, they will, from time to time, call ahead to ensure you will be at a location before they make a delivery. This is not required but more of a courtesy to provide a higher success rate.


Process server track phones of defendants
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Can Process Servers Track Your Phone?

A process server has no legal authority to track your phone in any way unless you publicly allow it. That means if you are posting where you are having lunch or dinner to a social media account or showing off a picture of your daily jogging route, then a process server may use that information to track you down.

You have to remember that a process server is not a police officer. They do not carry weapons and have absolutely nothing to do with your case other than the successful delivery of documents. If you ever see them again, it is to confirm to a judge that you received the intended documents, and that is it.


Can You Be Served Over the Phone in Texas?

Until recently, phone service of any kind was not part of the process server’s purview. That means the question of can you be legally notified by phone or can you be served by text message was a no.

However, there are some exceptions. Recently, the Texas Supreme Court made some process service possible through social media. This only pertains to civil cases of a specific type, but the amendment to Rule 106 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure has been amended to allow a defendant to be served “electronically by social media, email, or other technology.” That “other technology” could soon include a phone or text.


Why Did a Process Server Call Me?

If you are wondering do process servers call you from unknown numbers, the answer is yes. They will contact you to leave a message about delivering legal papers to you or to try and track down someone they are looking for that cannot be reached. Just because a process server is calling you does not mean you are the intended target of the legal action.

The important thing to remember is that if you do receive a call, you face the situation head-on. You are far better equipped when you have the time to prepare for legal action by accepting the paperwork than by delaying the inevitable and avoiding proper service.

In fact, our team at Houston Process Severs always suggests those receiving documents take them and immediately contact their legal counsel. That way, they have every advantage to prepare for what is ahead and demonstrate to the courts that they are not trying to hide from responsibility. That kind of mature attitude goes a long way with a judge.

If you would like to ensure your documents arrive on time to the accurate target, schedule service with our expert team today. We work with most businesses, law enforcement organizations, attorneys, courts, and government agencies. We utilize modern technology to document every step of our process for easy tracking. Reach out today. We look forward to working with you!