DO I NEED A PROCESS SERVER IN HOUSTON? When proceeding with court action, it’s crucial to hire a legal process server in Houston, Harris County to ensure that your case is properly handled. Houston Process Servers has skillful and experienced process servers who are competent in handling every court issues. Houston Process Servers are well familiar with the local and state process serving laws and will ensure that they serve your legal documents at the right time, and in accordance with these laws.

The rules of service of process come with a lot of key requirements, and every state has its own rules. For instance, in some states, it’s prohibited to serve on Sundays or holidays. In others it is prohibited to serve an individual travelling to court. In addition, it must be remembered that someone who is involved in the case or legal proceedings is not permitted to serve papers for said case.

Proper service is essential, and all rules should be properly followed. To prevent your case from being delayed or dismissed, it’s important to perform a service in accordance with these rules. Having a case delayed would affect your court fees and attorney’s fees, which would only lead to a waste of time and money.

So, if you consider your case a serious one and want it properly served, then you should know that having a professional process server handle your case is necessary. So, if wish to have a professional serve your process at an affordable rate, contact Houston Process Servers, LLC today.

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Thanks for explaining why a houston process server is needed

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