Debunking the Myths About Process Servers


A quality process server company has the experience and know-how to get the job done well on time and with the proper documentation required to proceed with a legal proceeding. Unfortunately, many popular television and streaming shows have made process servers out to be these creative individuals with a trunk full of natural disguises so they can sneak into the lobbies, offices, and backrooms of criminal enterprises at the most convenient part of the storyline.


While there is some creativity involved, real process servers have to rely on their experience and function within their profession’s guidelines and legal standards. The glamour and problem solving are nowhere near as crucial as the commitment to details and verifiable documentation. Here are a few of the common myths around being a process server.


Myth #1 – Process Servers Have to Physically Hand Over the Papers

While the best way to get the job done is to hand the papers to the intended target and have them sign or recognize receipt of the paperwork, it isn’t required in all cases. Every state, county, and local municipality has different guidelines and regulations concerning how to serve papers to an individual or business entity. Sometimes it involves being physically present. Other times it can be served to recognized or designated individuals representing the intended target, or even by mail. It all depends on the unique nature of the specific situation.


Myth #2 – All Process Servers Wear Disguises and Dodge Bullets

You’ve been watching way too many crime shows. Process servers are legally designated messengers who act with extreme professionalism. They are not the sneaky individuals under a fake wig and mustache trying to find a way into the gala ball. Instead, they are highly respected professionals that work with law enforcement, courts, and law firms. They must act appropriately to maintain those business relationships.


Myth #3 – Process Servers are Out to Mess Up Your Day

Sorry to disappoint you, but professional process servers probably have no idea what your case is really about. A process server is usually given a general legal document that must reach a specific person before a designated time or date. This can be for anything from divorce proceedings to finding someone set to inherit millions of dollars. It doesn’t matter to the process server. Their job is to deliver the message and document the entire experience, so everything remains transparent and legally verifiable.


Myth #4 – Everyone Tries to Hide from Process Servers

This is a yes and no answer. There are certainly some lower-level legal proceedings where the courts may not pursue legal action if you cannot be reached, but those are rare and far between. The majority of cases and proceedings are successfully conducted because the courts have created provisions for completing the job of a process server. These companies have many outlets and legal remedies for ensuring they have done their due diligence to get the correct paperwork to the specified person. If you keep trying to avoid the process server, you are more likely to learn about the case moving forward without your input and court ruling against you than getting out of the situation.


How to Learn More about Process Servers

The role of process servers in our legal system is crucial to moving cases in and out of courts. Just like any other factor of business or legal proceedings, there are many rules and strict guidelines that must be followed.


If you would like to learn more about how this system works or need an experienced team of professionals, reach out to the experts at Houston Process Servers. One quick quote form can make a significant difference in the success of your subsequent legal proceeding. Their support representatives will respond quickly to your inquiry with updates and the necessary validation needed to move forward. Contact Houston Process Servers today!

5 thoughts on “Debunking Process Server Myths”

  1. This makes so much sense! I use process servers all the time in my line of work and always make comments to my friends and family about how inaccurate TV shows portray the job. Most of the guys I’ve worked with are incredibly professional and upfront about what they do. I’m glad you are out there trying to change the public perception of this job. Process servers are essential to the business world.

  2. Melanie Lerseth

    Not going to lie; I kind of wish disguises was used more often. It seems like a fun way to think about process servers with a whole closet full of cosplay outfits for any occasion. I’ve actually worked with your team before and get what you’re trying to say. The entire experience was straightforward and did not have all the glitz and glamour you would think. Just a professionally dressed human being making a delivery on my behalf. Still fun to think about people dressing up as delivery drivers though.

  3. I like how you say it is a “yes and no” answer to people hiding. I’ve had friends that keep their doors locked to avoid being served a speeding ticket, and that never works out in the end. The courts always find a way to make things go through. It is far better to deal with these problems head-on and hire a decent attorney to manage the legal side instead of hiding in a closet while someone knocks on your door.

  4. Natalie McGuire

    I was a process server in California for a little while, and I appreciate you bringing up how you are not trying to ruin anyone’s day. You are just performing a much-needed service that I know law enforcement, courts, and businesses use all the time. If it wasn’t for companies like yours, this country’s legal system would come to an absolute standstill from the amount of documentation piling up on everyone’s desk. Keep up the excellent work!

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