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The job of a process server is often complex because of the data that needs to be verified before conducting a delivery. Even then, there are occasions when someone tries to avoid service or maintains an online or public profile that is not updated with the latest details of their home, work, or other contact information.

In those rare cases, a process server may attempt delivery on a holiday to ensure they are reaching the intended target. As of right now, process servers may deliver documentation on any day, at any time. The only exception in the state of Texas is on Sundays. Those deliveries require exceptional circumstances like injunctions, attachments, garnishments, sequestrations, or distress proceedings. Almost all of these will need a citation of some sort for a court of law.

That means holidays are fair game as long as they do not fall on a Sunday. Some courts may even provide special notices to get around this issue, but those are rare. The only states that do not allow delivery on a holiday are Minnesota and New York.



Is it Wise to Serve Papers on a Holiday?

The question for a process server business is not whether or not they can serve papers on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or some other family holiday, but if they should. In most cases, a process server wants to remain as professional as possible and lower any risk to the client for likely “court of opinion” situations where a subject is served while serving Christmas dinner. Court dealings should always be conducted in an actual court, not in the newspapers.

However, Holidays are a great time to serve papers logistically. Almost always, the subject will have their guard down and be in a location that is easy to access. That way, a process server can quickly make delivery and then move on to complete the whole interaction before the subject even fully understands what is happening.

It often comes down to the question, “have we tried everything else?” Texas is famous for its hospitality, and a quality process server will do everything possible to remain cordial and professional. This ensures future business with law enforcement, legal firms, courts, and other clients.

The big exception to the rule is those subjects trying really hard to avoid detection. If a process server has done all the due diligence and attempted every polite method possible, then holidays will become more attractive. Special care will be taken for safety as some holidays involve people celebrating with alcohol, and it is never the goal to embarrass anyone in front of their family. At the end of the day, it is all about performing a critical role in the legal system of the country.


Getting the Help You Need

While it may feel uncomfortable at first, there is a reason why Texas allows process servers to conduct their jobs on holidays. There need to be mechanisms in place that allow cases to move forward, especially when people are trying to avoid a simple notification of documentation necessary for their involvement.

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